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Birth Certificate Registration in Ghaziabad

13 May

Birth Certificate Registration in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad Birth Certificate
Birth Certificate Registration in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad Birth Certificate is a document issued by the competent authority which a proof of Birth. In India Birth Certificate is issued by Registrar of Birth and Death. In Ghaziabad Office of Birth Registrar in Ghaziabad is located in Navyug Market.

The Birth Certificate contains the following information:

  • Name of child (in some cases it is left blank, for later endorsement)
  • Name of Father
  • Name of Mother
  • Date & Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth (name of Hospital

What is the purpose of a birth certificate?

Birth Certificates perform a variety of functions in our society. They tell us who we are, where and when we were born, and to whom we were born. For most of us, a Birth Certificate is an immutable document that guides our identity; allowing us to receive an Aadhar card, a driver’s license, and a passport.

 The Birth Certificates are now digitally signed by concerned Registrars.

Format of Birth Certificate

What documents are required to apply for Birth Certificate in Ghaziabad?

Now, in a case where a child is born in a Hospital, the initial details are to be filled-in online by Hospital. After its process they will give you the Birth Certificate without name of the child. Immediately you should check details like: Father name, mother name, date of Birth. If there are any issues immediately contact the Hospital authorities to correct the error. 

Once you check all is o.k. then submit the following documents to Registrar office for issues of Birth Certificate with baby name endorsed:

1 Birth Registration certificate provided by Hospital

2 Aadhar Card copy of Father and Mother 

Process of Birth Certificate

What is the process to apply for Birth Certificate?

  1. Obtain Registration Certificate from Hospital
  2. Fill-up the required form issued by Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam
  3. Attach ID address proof of application (Applicant may be father or mother)
  4. Submit to the Department
  5. Download the final Birth Certificate of baby.

Can I get my birth certificate online?

Yes, You can download your birth certificate from the website of the department.

How to verify birth certificate online in Ghaziabad?

On every birth certificate there is a unique bar-code and number. Visit the government website and enter the registration number and you can verify all the details online.

How to download birth certificate online in Ghaziabad?

Shortly, we will be uploading a video and providing link here. You can watch and learn the same.

Where to apply for Birth Certificate in Ghaziabad and how to reach?

The Birth Certificate in Ghaziabad to be applied with the Office of Registrar of Birth and Death, Ghaziabad Nagar Niga, Ghaziabad.

How to get duplicate birth certificate in Ghaziabad?

You should at least have the Registration Number of the Birth Certificate otherwise it is quite difficult to obtain a duplicate Birth Certificate. However, in certain cases, our Service Executive may help you trace the records. 

Is there any Agent to help us in obtaining Birth Certificate in Ghaziabad?

NCR Agents is Birth Certificate Consultants in Ghaziabad. We are having more than 10 years of experience with more than 6000+ happy clients for various services. We are providing this service with all over India for those who were born in Ghaziabad.

What other service you (ncragents.com) provide?

We provide Death Registration and Marriage Registration also in Ghaziabad. If you already have birth certificate and would like to change name. The process is different. Read here.

Do you have any question on Birth Certificate?

If you feel we have not covered an issue in this article please inform us so that we can improve this.

Also you can visit wikiprocedure to know more general information.

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