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13 May

Marriage Registration Certificate | Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad Marriage Registration Marriage Registration Certificate is a document issued by the competent authority which is a proof of Marriage. In India Marriage Registration is governed by two different Laws. Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act. Where both the bride and groom are Hindu, their registration is done as per Hindu Marriage Act. In other […]
13 May

Birth Certificate Registration in Ghaziabad

Birth Certificate Registration in Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Birth Certificate is a document issued by the competent authority which a proof of Birth. In India Birth Certificate is issued by Registrar of Birth and Death. In Ghaziabad Office of Birth Registrar in Ghaziabad is located in Navyug Market. The Birth Certificate contains the following information: Name of child (in some […]
Birth Certificate
4 May

How to correct name in education certificate? शिक्षा प्रमाण पत्र में नाम कैसे सही करें?

There are 3 national (CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education, ICSE : Indian School Certificates Edamination, and NIOS : National Institute of Open School ) and 16 State Boards in India which conduct Secondary and Senior Secondary examinations. There are about 800 Universities in India. Most of the people find that their name or their […]
4 May

How to change the Last name or Surname?

One can either add the surname of remove surname from their existing names. However, spelling correction is Surname is called name correction and treated as Public Notice in Gazette. In India women generally change their surnames after marriage and adopt their husband surname. Also when there is divorce or remarriage they change their surname. Adding […]
4 May

जन्म प्रमाण पत्र में नाम कैसे बदलें? janm pramaan patr mein naam kaise badalen?

कई बार आप जन्म प्रमाण पत्र की जाँच करते हैं, तो आप पा सकते हैं कि जन्म प्रमाण पत्र में दर्ज बच्चे का नाम सही नहीं है या कुछ कारणों के कारण हम बदलना चाहते हैं। इस लेख में प्रक्रिया को समझाया गया है। अन्य संबंधित सवालों के जवाब भी नीचे दिए गए हैं जन्म […]