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Name Change in Birth Certificate|New Born – NCR Agents

Birth Certificate
4 May

Name Change in Birth Certificate|New Born – NCR Agents

Name Change in Birth Certificate|New Born complete process is explained

What is Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate is the first official document after once birth. The Birth Certificate contains the following basic information :

  1. Name of Child
  2. Father Name
  3. Mother Name
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Time of Birth
  6. Place of Birth
  7. Weight

Birth is issued in India by Registrar of Birth and Death) of respective city or town or district or village panchayat. After obtaining the Certificate of Birth one should immediately check the above details. If there is any error in the Birth  Registration Certification, immediately bring to the notice of concerned. Get the certificate corrected. However, sometimes it is ignored and lead to the problem. 

Reasons for name change
Reasons for Name Change – NCR Agents

Also sometimes either the person concerned or parents want to change the name mentioned in the Birth Certificate. If one whose age is above 18 years can change his or her name legally through Government of India GAzette. In cases where the age is less than 18 years i.e. minor then Parents can only make such application for Name Change or Name correction in Birth Certificate.

Our process for name change in Birth Certificate in India?

We follow the above process to change your name through Gazette of India


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Solution for the Name Change:

Name is entered but wants to change in Birth Certificate:

Once the birth certificate issued is no details are changed unless and until the Registrar of Birth is convinced that the change you want is genuine. In most cases, the Registrar does not allow to make any changes.

Name is entered but either surname is not there or you want to change surname:

One can use either father surname or mother surname. Only married women can adopt husband surname after marriage. In other cases, your Affidavit has to be attested by either Tehsildar or SDM. Without this, you cannot change your surname. However, you can remove the surname at your will.

One can add a middle name in the name.

Spelling correction is also allowed. This is call Name Correction in Birth Certificate.

 It is always better that for any such corrections or changes first contact your concerned office of Birth and Death Registration from where you got the Birth certificate issued. In case they deny then you can do the process to get the same changes affected with the help of the Government of India Gazette.

However, note that only name/surname changes or corrections are allowed by Gazette not the Date of Birth. It means you cannot change the date of birth in any case.

“Birth certificate online” facility is not there for change/correction.

Documents required for name change in Birth Certificate

  1. Birth Certificate copy
  2. Affidavit
  3. ID and address proof, if you are major
  4. If minor then father or mother ID and Address Proof

Steps -1: Preparing Change of Name affidavit for Minor or Infant baby

An affidavit for Change of Name in Birth Certificate to be prepared on Rs. 10/- or higher value stamp paper. It depends on the State concerned. It is always better to get the affidavit typed instead of hand-written. Sign and get attested by Notary or Tehsildar or SDM depending upon the type of changes you want to carry on.

Step – 2: Advertisement in one National Newspaper for Name Change in Birth Certificate

An advertisement for this effect to be given in a National newspaper i.e. Hindi or English at the place where you are currently staying.

Step – 3: Preparation of forms, making online payment for Name Change in Birth Certificate.

Visit the website of the Department of Publication, Government of India website, and download respective forms. Government fee is also mentioned on the website and make an online payment.

To know how to make online payments watch our video.


Step – 4: Submit your documents with the Department of Publication

The application may be submitted to the Department of Publication either in person by the applicant (if the applicant is minor then either Mother or Father has to submit) or the same may be sent by Speed Post, Registered Post or Courier.

We always prefer to send by Speed Post. If you are planning to visit and submit personally then note that office is open Mon-Fri from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm only for submission of applications

Note: Currently at the time of writing this article physical submission of applications are suspended due to Covid-19  India Lockdown.

Why hire NCR Agents for Name Change or Name Correction service?

NCR Agents is having more than 10 years of experience and have served more than 6000 happy clients all India.

Door-step service. The complete file is sent by Speed Post at your place of stay. No need to visit our office.

We take care of complete preparation of documents, advertisement in newspaper etc. You just have to sign and submit. Your payment is safe because you make digital payments to us.

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