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How to change my Last name or surname after marriage?

4 May

How to change my Last name or surname after marriage?

Most of the women as per tradition want to change their surname or name also after marriage, although it is not mandatory to change name or surname after marriage. It is also not mandatory to change surname after marriage in Passport. Here I am explaining the whole process which includes the process for name change in Aadhar Card after marriage.

Legally, a women can change her name or surname after marriage in India.

I am providing a link for Affidavit format for surname change after marriage. Click here.

The process explained hereunder is same for all except some variation in supportive documents.

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What is the legal process to change surname after marriage in India?

Is it mandatory to change last name or surname after marriage?

Can a women change her surname after marriage?

Is it necessary to change surname after marriage in a Passport?

What is the Surname change legal process in India?

How does our service work?

We follow the above process to change your name through Gazette of India

Problem discussed in detail:

  1. Married women continue same name and surname after marriage. It is not mandatory to change name or surname after marriage legally in India. However, as per social customs and traditions they may opt to do so.
  2. If she desires she can adopt husband surname after marriage and change name also.
  3. If you change your name then it should be corrected accordingly in all documents.
  4. It is necessary to change surname in passport also if you change so after marriage

Either you can continue same surname or adopt husband surname or you can keep your surname and also add husband surname. For instance your surname is Gupta and your husband surname is Bansal then either you can continue with Gupta or change to Bansal or change to Gupta Bansal. It is purely your wish.

If a women is divorced and want to continue same surname, she can do so. It is not necessary to change surname due to change in marital status i.e. divorcee or widow.


The process looks very simple, but you really need an expert who can help you in drafting an affidavit, filling up the application form, and guiding you at every step till the Gazette is published.

Such surname change or correction is legally completed by publishing the same in the Gazette of Government of India published by Controller of Publication, Government of India, New Delhi. Visit deptpub.nic.in for more details.

Documents required

  1. Marriage Certificate or proof of marriage (husband name should be there in one document like Aadhar Card).
  2. Affidavit
  3. ID and address proof, if you are major

Steps -1: Preparing Affidavit for change of surname after marriage

An affidavit for surname change to be prepared on Rs. 10/- or higher value stamp paper. Sign and get attested by Notary. The signature of husband on any document is not required.

Step – 2: Advertisement in Newspaper

An advertisement to this effect to be given in a National newspaper i.e. Hindi or English at the place where you are currently staying.

Step – 3: Preparation of Forms, making online payment

Visit the website of the Department of Publication, Government of India website, and download respective forms. Government fee is also mentioned on the website and make an online payment. To know how to make online payments watch our video. Once you make the payment, print the receipt and submit along with your application to the office of Controller of Publication.

Step – 4: Submit your documents with the Department of Publication

The application may be submitted to Department of Publication either in person by the applicant (if the applicant is minor then either Mother or Father has to submit) or the same may be sent by Speed Post, Registered Post or Courier. We always prefer to send by Speed Post. If you are planning to visit and submit personally then note that office is open Mon-Fri from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm only for submission of applications

Why to hire NCR Agents for Name change service?

NCR Agents is having more than 10 years of experience and have served more than 6000 happy clients all India. Door-step service. You need not to visit our office. We take care of complete preparation of documents, advertisement in newspaper etc. You just have to sign and submit. Your payment is safe because you make digital payment to us.

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